Winnetka District 36 Board of Education
Referendum/Facilities Review
Facilities Documents
Date Title   Description
February 2007 Facilities Referendum PowerPoint Presentation Download (Quicktime Movie • 2MB) Presentation of the proposed Facilities work, including maintenance/capital needs for all 5 buildings and the final expansion plans for Washburne and Greeley schools
February 2007
Board Update newsletter: Special Referendum Issue
Download (pdf • 268KB) Announcement of April 2007 $43.3 million bond referendum, proposed maintenance/capital repair of all 5 schools, and description of proposed expansion at Greeley and Washburne Schools
February 2007
Updates Facilities Process
Facilities Process Page Description of Process and Timelines associated with Facilities Review and Referendum Decision
February 2007
Architectural Site Plans - Washburne School
Building Plans Page Green Associates Archetectural Expansion Plans
February 2007
Architectual Site Plans - Greeley School
Building Plans Page Green Associates Architectural Expansion Plans
February 13, 2007
Letter to all Village residents
Download (pdf • 55KB) Letter mailed to all village residents announcing April 17 facilities referendum (similar to opening letter on this website)
February 8, 2007
The Winnetka Talk: "Voters asked for $47 million" by Joanna Broder.
  Announces unanimous decision by District 36 Board of Education to ask voter approval of a 20 year bond question on April 17th ballot and announces formation of a volunteer citizens' committee to educate the community about this measure.
Jan/Feb, 2007 Board Update newsletter: January/February 2007 Download (pdf • 192KB)  
January 30, 2006
Referendum Financing Options
Download (pdf • 1.5MB) William Blair & co. report to School Board at January 30, 2007 regular board meeting
January 2007
2006-07 Caucus Survey Results
INSERT 3 59% approved some form of facilities expansion
January 2007

Board Update newsletter: January 2007

Download (pdf • 88KB)  
November 2, 2006
The Winnetka Talk: "Options Chosen for Greeley and Washburne" by J.T. Morand
  Announces Board's selection of construction plans for Greeley and Washburne after two months of neighborhood meetings where approximately 150 people gave input on the 6 preliminary options
October/November 2006
Board Update newsletter: "Facilities Review update"
Download (pdf • 192KB) Describes the 2-year facilities review process, the list of necessary maintenance, and how the Greeley and Washburne Facilities Committees worked with teh architects and administration during Spring/Summer 2006 to assess the needs at the two schools and to develop expansion options for the Board to consider.
October 4, 2006
Facilities PowerPoint Presentation Expansion Options
Download (pdf • 13MB) Powerpoint presentation from the 10/04/2006 meeting.
Sept. - Oct. 2006
Schedule of Neighborhood Meetings
September 28, 2006
The Winnetka Talk: "District 36 Talks about Space Needs" by J.T. Morand
  Describes School Board's desire for further public input before making a decision to go to referendum in April, 2007 at the October board meeting and announces upcoming public meeting schedule to do
September 2006
Learners newsletter: "Facilities Study Defines the Needs of Winnetka's growing school population."
Download (pdf • 1MB) Lead Article outlines facilities process to-date with "Inside Our School" feature highlighting building facts for each of the five District schools
September 2006
District 36 Annual Report
Download (pdf • 0.5MB) Included a page entitled "Facilities Update" which thanked voters for thier previous referendum support in 200 and 2003, outlined the ongoing Facilites review process and urged the public to participate in the upcoming public meetins before the Board made decision about the scope of the work and referendum timing at its October board meeting
September 6, 2006
Letter to residents
Download (pdf • 55KB) Letter mailed to all village residents outlining facilities review process
July 20, 2006
The Winnetka Talk: "Washburne may go to referendum" by J.T. Morand
  highlights discussion around three preliminary space plans for new science labs, gyms, special education classrooms and band/orchestra space and announces upcoming Board decision on scope of work and the size of the referendum
May 31, 2006
Report to Caucus
Download (pdf • 200KB) Board President staement to Caucus at Spring 2006 Town Meeting
May 25, 2006
The Winnetka Talk: "Washburne group begins study on space concerns" by Sara Loeb
  Overview of comments at Washburne public meeting regardingn current state of building in serving middle schoolers' educational needs
May 11, 2006
The Winnetka Talk: "Parents voice concerns about overcrowding" by Sara Loeb
  Overview of coments at Greeley public meeting regarding current state of building inserving childrens' educational needs
May 4, 2006
The Winnetka Talk: "Meetings Set for Overcrowding at Greeley, Washburne" by Sara Loeb
  Announces two upcoming meetings for information and public input at Greeley, Washburne schools and role of sub-committeees to help define facilities issues
May 2006
This Facilities Webpage online Webpage on Board Website
April 2006
Washburne and Greeley Facilities committee Membership List
April 5, 2006
Board Update newsletter: "Examination of Facilites Needs Continues"
Download (pdf • 100KB) Summary of Board actions and deliberations to-date with announcment of two sub-committees in formation for Greeley and Washburne, comprised of members of the Board, administration, teaching staff and community
December 22, 2005
The Winnetka Talk: "2nd Enrollment Study Ordered" by John P. Kelly
  Initial article on 12/05 Kasarda enrollment study as input to School Board decisions about maintenance and possible expansions at District 36 schools

Washburne and Greeley Facilities Committee Membership List - April 2006
  • Board creates two working sub-committees, one for Washburne and one for Greeley, to further define space needs and criteria, work with the architect on plans to be developed, and to outlinepros/cons of space options considered and present to the Board for decision-making.
  • Sub-committee members are:
  • Washburne: Becky van der Bogert, Shelley Clark, George Reigle, Dan Schwartz, Board members Pete Cruikshank, Penny Lanpheir, and Bob Linn, Teachers Dave Cooper, Bob Rzeszutko, and kathy Lee, Parents Beth Boehrer, jane Huels, and Michelle Wasielewski.
  • Greeley: Becky van der Bogert, Shelley Clark, George Reigle, Susan Hugebeck, Board members Susan Harris, Jeff Hock, and Anne Kelley, Teachers Joyce McCaffrey, and Merle Scharmann, Parents mary Haak and Mitchel Petersen.

Schedule of Neighborhood Meetings - September - October 2006

Communits Voices Heard: Neighborhood Meetings

  • September 21, 2006 @ Greeley School
  • September 25, 2006 @ Crow Island
  • October 4, 2006 @ Washburne
  • October 10, 2006 @ Skokie
  • October 12, 2006 @ Hubbard Woods
Neighborhood meetings were held at all five schools to gain input from parents and community members on building addition plans for Greeley and Washburne schools. Superintendent Becky van der Bogert, Principals Dan Schwartz and Susan Hugebeck, Board members, and District architects from Green Associates also gave an overview of the District-wide maintenance needs in addition to the space issues.

Caucus Survey 2006 Survey Results
Survey Question 33

Since tax caps were imposed, the District 36 School Board has balanced its budget by presenting cyclical referenda to the voters. Residents approved two operating rate referenda, in 2000 and 2003, and a 2000 bond referendum for capital improvements to facilities. Due to better-than-expected fiscal performance, the School Board does not anticipate another operating referendum until after 2008.

Deferred Life Safety and Other Capital Improvements

The School Board has identified $12.1 million in capital improvement projects for all five schools. Included in this figure are $9.6 million in State-mandated “life safety” projects, such as fire doors and alarm systems, which must be completed within the next ten years. The $12.1 million also reflects the cost to update ventilation systems, plumbing, bathrooms and lighting fixtures, and to repair and replace windows and roofs. The District currently spends $500,000 annually on Life Safety projects. The scope of the capital projects reflects: (1) the 74-year average age of the schools (the national average is 42 years); and (2) the District’s deferral of capital expenditures due to tax caps and residents’ consistently expressed desire for fiscal restraint.

Over the next two months, the School Board will hold community meetings to consider what portion, if any, of these life safety/capital improvements it will seek to finance in a 2007 referendum along with the facilities expansion discussed below.

A. Why Might the District Propose Expansion?

The District is studying expansion plans for Greeley (K-4) and Washburne (7-8) schools. Expansion will enable the District to maintain class size in light of projected increases in enrollment; to ensure that safe building use levels are not exceeded; to provide adequate space for curricular programming; to reflect changes in classroom support services, and, at Greeley, to accommodate more children remaining at school for lunch.

B. What Might Expansion Entail?

The School Board has not yet made a final decision to proceed with a facilities expansion referendum, much less a determination about the scope of any such expansion.

However, the expansion plans that the District is currently studying for Greeley include new classrooms and cafeteria space. For Washburne, they include additional classrooms (specifically for science, foreign language, music and kinetic wellness); new bathrooms; and additional space for technology, extracurricular and multipurpose uses. The Washburne plan may also include a reconfigured entry and office space, and enhanced student flow between the two wings of the building.

C. What Might Expansion Cost?

The District’s preliminary cost estimates have not been formally presented to the Board. The preliminary estimates developed thus far range from $4.8 - $12.1 million for Greeley and $19.0 - $22.5 million for Washburne, or a total range of $23.8 to $34.6 million.

D. What’s Next?

The District plans to finalize its capital improvement program by the end of October, and a referendum could be presented to the voters as early as April 2007. It also plans to hold a series of meetings this fall at which residents can learn more about the facility plans and voice their opinions. Details of these meetings will be posted on the District website (

34. Please choose one of the following options for addressing facilities needs at Washburne and Greeley:
Make do with existing facilities. 167 16%
Use temporary on-site facilities (e.g., trailers). 76 7%
Expand facilities to maintain class size and safe building use ONLY. 260 25%
Expand facilities to maintain class size, safe building use AND provide adequate space for curricular programming, current educational practices and changes in classroom support services. 350 34%
Don’t know/unsure/no opinion. Comments: 175 17%
Total 1028 100%
The full 2006 caucus Results can be found online at


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